The Michael Kors brand sales are trending with a positive future.  The Luxury retailer provided hope in a dismal outlook of consumer facing retail.   Kors + Ralph Lauren show areas that will provide improvement along with capturing results in the upcoming fiscal years.  Fans still love these iconic brands.  After the recent acquisition of Jimmy Choo by Michael Kors brand, the collaboration of these companies provide hope for retail offerings.  Shoppers can’t wait to see what is next for these two iconic brands. Check out a few of the Michael Kors Instagram shares: #BeInspiredToShop


In the lap of luxury: our Fall 2017 #MichaelKorsCollection campaign.

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Haute spots: @ediebcampbell for Fall 2017 #MichaelKorsCollection.

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Everyday elegance—introducing the Bancroft. #MichaelKorsCollection

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Go everywhere glamour. #MichaelKorsCollection

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Photo Courtesy: Michael Kors




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